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Wendy Soderman

An IDEAL & Dream School Day Video

IDEAL & Dream School, a premier Private School for innovative and gifted students, is conveniently located in Royal Palm Beach, FL, serving Palm Beach County, including Wellington, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach and Loxahatchee.  We offer our students an innovative learning environment starting at Preschool through Elementary to most recent addition, Dream Middle School.  Well known in Palm Beach County, IDEAL & Dream School have been producing critical thinkers and leaders since 1993 and this success is largely based on the incorporation of Harvard Professor Dr. Howard Gardner Theory of Multiple Intelligence. As a Private School we consistently strive to change ordinary education into Extraordinary Learning for Understanding and Critical Thinking.


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Mission Statement

IDEAL & Dream School provides a challenging education where emotional and cognitive intelligences are of equal importance.  IDEAL and Dream School students are passionate learners with high academic standards and strong virtues. IDEAL and Dream School models and encourages students to become optimistic thinkers, goal oriented risk takers, innovative problem solvers and dynamic leaders.  IDEAL and Dream School students believe in their dreams and take action to make them a reality. 

The Soderman Family


A Preschool Day Video
The IDEAL Preschool

A Journey of Endless Wonders and Discoveries.

Does your child have the five ideal qualities for success?

Innovative Differentiated Enriched Active Learning

The IDEAL Preschool is an academic program that is designed by owner Wendy Soderman. The curriculum encompasses current brain research and is based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s (Harvard University Professor of Cognition and Education) Theory of Multiple Intelligence.

Teaching for Understanding

Philosophy/Rationale of the Program

The IDEAL Elementary program is based on a Multiple Intelligence philosophy [Gardner, H. (1983,1993)] and the belief that learning is an individual process.  The program is activity-based and involves the children in independent work in small group activities, and in entire class activities.  The philosophy of early childhood education at IDEAL School is the result of particular beliefs about the nature of young children and the relationships which ought to exist between the child and each of the teachers, the educational program, and the school.

The MIDDLE School

DMS November 2013 Newsletter

DMS October 2013 Newsletter

Theory of Multiple Intelligence unlocks Extraordinary Minds

Dream Middle School- Learning Expectations

Dream Middle School seeks to assure that each student:

  • Develops an understanding of self in relation to others.
  • Demonstrates a passion for learning.
  • Knows personal learning styles (Dr. Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence).
  • Can demonstrate a high level of competence in each area of the curriculum.
  • Transfers curriculum to solve a problem and create a product relevant to their culture.
  • Thinks creatively and can express self.
  • Becomes a responsible citizen who participates actively in the community exemplifying the virtues.